Tomelilla, Sweden

CS Recording is a Digital Recording Studio and is located in the quiet town of Tomelilla in Southern Sweden. We aim to provide quality service at a reasonable price.

There is a private entrance that leads to an enclosed, private courtyard giving clients a quiet place to get some fresh air when needed.


A little about me. I am a lifelong musician, starting on classical guitar at the age of 7. My first language is English but I am also proficient in Swedish.

I had a sucessful career as a musician in London for many years, playing both in bands and working as a session musician.

I have spent many years of my life in recording studios. I would now like to offer a quality service at an affordable price to musicians of today.



We offer an affordable high quality

recording and production environment that is designed to

suit all budgets.



A no compromise mixing service

designed to give our clients the best possible product, whatever the budget.



We plan on installing a green screen in our live room for any bands or filmakers wishing to make a video recording.

Recording, re amping, overdubs, pre and post production.

We offer a comprehensive service covering everything from drum/midi programming, multitrack recording, pre/post production, including drum editing,overdubs and re-amping. Tell us what you need, we will fix it for you!!

Östergat 15, 27330 Tomelilla

Östergatan 15, 273 30 Tomelilla

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