CS Recording offers a comprehensive personal service covering everything from drum/midi programming, multitrack recording, pre/post production, including drum editing, overdubs and re-amping. Tell us what you need, we will fix it for you!!


Affordable high quality recording and production environment that is designed to suit all budgets.


A no compromise mixing service designed to give our clients the best possible product.

EQUIPMENT: Very much under construction, in an attempt to show a full list of what is available!

Lets start at the listening end of things:

Monitoring consists of  various stages:

Near field monitoring comes courtesy of Adam AX3 and M-Audio MB5.

We also have Swedish manufacturter JWS high end Hi-Fi speakers.

Built into our bass traps in the corner of the room are a pair of Eminence, loaded, ex cinema speakers working mains, giving a great overall picture.


Recording inputs are via 16 Focusrite preamps, giving a clean input with all the required headroom for quality recordings. There is also a other variuos preamps that we use including ART tube pre's etc

AD and DA conversion duties fall to RME RayDat.

DAW and Plugins:

Reaper (main Daw used)

Protools 12.4

Harrison Mixbuss 32c

Various plugins incl:


Tracks CS


Izotope, etc etc, too many more to mention!

Synths include Kontakt with many libraries, Omnisphere and many more!

Hardware FX:

DBX 266 compressor

Behringer compressor

Zoom Multi FX, Reverb, Delay, Chorus etc

Alesis Micro Verb

Various guitar pedals from overdrives up to Eleven Rack, etc etc

Ask and I will do my best to provide.


These are ever changing and growing, but as I have right now. The list is as follows-

AKG 4033 x2

Aston Origin

Shure sm57 x4

Slate ML 2

Line Audio CM3 x2

TSM Ribbon Mics x2

TSM Large Diaphram Condensors x2

Drum microphone set x8 mics

Various unnamed microphones and many more to come!

Guitar and Bass:

4 and 5 sring basses as well as various guitars (get in touch to find out whats available).

Fender Bassman 100 into 2x15 cab and or an Eminence loaded 2x12 cab

Bugera G20 infinium

Dean Markley combo

Ibanez Combo 

Rogers combo

Gear I have access to if I talk nice to friends:

Eleven Rack

Fender Bassbreaker

Fender Mustang

Various drum kits and guitars.

Ask and I will do my best to provide!


Simon's VST Instruments:

Solo violin instrument for Kontakt 5 and up.

I have switched to using Kontakt as it gives me and the user more scope to sculpt the sound to our own preferences.

I have made very small inroads into the world of Kontakt scripting in order to bring more effects and tools closer to the surface and hopefully speed up the workflow around the instrument. The front page hosts an arpeggiator and all associated controls. Page 2 gives access to various midi cc commands as well as hosting the four effects pages for a 3 band eq, stereo width tool, convolution reverb and a compressor. I have these set up to my default preference but obviously the controls are there for anyone to tweak as much as they like

When I heard that a friend of mine had a string quartet in his recording studio, I was straight on the phone asking if he would record a batch of samples for me.

This instrument is the first to be finished and tested. I have used samples from the cello and viola to cover the 5 octaves required to populate, fully, a 61 note keyboard.

In addition to the normal ADSR, I have included controls for gain, pan and a built in reverb. I wanted to allow some extra expressive adjustment, hence the LFO rate and depth controls giving a little more control over the mod wheel behavior, as well as a drop down menu allowing the choice of three different velocity curves, 'strong', 'normal' and 'weak'

There are both 32 and 64 bit vst versions in the one zip file, these are for windows only.

Mono Blue is a very simple mono synth that is ideal for basses and leads.

It has two oscillators, a multi band filter with envelope controls, amp envelope controls, a filter cutoff modulator with various modulation types and built in delay.

This synth was built using the free version of Synthmaker that comes with Computer Music Magazine with the sole purpose of having something light on resources and straight forward to use. I was fed up loading a cpu guzzling monster just to use it for a simple sine bass part.

There is only a 32 bit windows version available and to be honest will probably never be taken any further than it is now.

Way Piano is a multi sampled Steinway piano that I made up from three different SF2 files.

I extracted the samples from said files and with a little processing and glueing together I made myself a nice sounding piano that would be quick and easy to use.

Although very much an instrument for one purpose, I have included the ADSR amp envelope controls alongside a volume, pan and reverb control, allowing a little more sound shaping possibilities.

There are both 32 and 64 bit windows versions available as well as an AU version for Mac.